Department of Cultural and Creative Industries




1.Teaching: “Cultural and Creative Design” and” Cultural and Creative Marketing” are two pillars in our courses. The development of Cultural and Creative Design features “digital audio, video, picture and text publication application”, while Cultural and Creative Marketing emphasizes communication of humanistic marketing strategies. The overall curriculum structure emphasizes both theory and practice, supported by multi-evaluation and off-campus internships, to guide and enable students to apply what they have learned and know workplaces better.

2.Faculty: The teachers of the Department cover the fields of literature, history, art, aesthetics, psychology, imaging, design and marketing. Cross-disciplinary talents required in cultural and creative industries get together. The Department has all necessary teachers for its courses. In addition, the Department also introduces industrial resources actively, employs senior industrial teachers to start classes or conduct co-teaching, builds good interaction between academics and industries, and introduces new ideas from the industries to have students understand the needs of the industries and to help students be employed successfully in the future.

3.Industry-academy research: The Department encourages teachers to conduct industry-academy cooperation projects and introduces industrial resources to work closely with the industries. Teachers use their experience of industry-academy cooperation to adjust their teaching and research guidelines to have students possess practical abilities required for industrial development. In addition, teachers are capable of leading students to the participation in industry-academy cooperation projects, which benefit students considerably in terms of enhancement of their practical ability.