Department of Cultural and Creative Industries




To enhance the professional skills required by students for future employment and assist teachers in teaching and research, the Department has divided two areas for teaching research and equipment.

I.Teaching research area

It is equipped with equipment for audio-visual production and visual communication design and corresponding software. All students can use all space and equipment provided by the Department free of charge.

1.Multi-functional audio-visual classroom: It is used for academic conferences, film festivals and small concerts.

2.Creative digital video editing room: It is a MC computer-based classroom for digital audio and video production.

3.Professional drafting classroom: It is a classroom for hand painting courses.

4.Leadership classroom: It is a classroom for leadership courses.

5.Professional creative design classroom: Based on the Winder system and equipped with background stands, cold light lamps and various lamps, it is a classroom for photography and recording courses and commercial photography courses.

6.Project classroom: The room of which the floor is made of wood is equipped with computer desks and chairs. It is the space specifically for students.

7.Classroom for the master’s program

8.Reading room of the Department: There are professional books about art and literature for teachers and students to read and borrow free of charge.

9.Research rooms for teachers: They are research rooms for ten full-time teachers at the department.

II.Creative workshop area

This unique area is located in the new green campus. It was originally an ammunition depot of the army. After the renovation of the old buildings, five workshops have been established, which are collectively called “Let the Bullets Fly!— Chin-Yi Cultural and Creative Workshop”. It is fully equipped and is the space provided for teachers and students to freely create their works.

1.Pottery and printmaking workshop

2.Digital imaging workshop

3.Creative design workshop

4.Handmade workshop

5.Marketing workshop


CR101-Multi-function Audiovisual RoomCR101

CR409-Original Design RoomCR409

CR103-Digital Music and Film Production RoomCR103

CR105-Student Discussion RoomCR105

CR106-Project Discussion ClassroomCR106

CR107-Drafting RoomCR107

CRB02-Group Leadership Practice RoomCRB02

CR403-Reading RoomCR403