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Degree Requirements

To achieve the educational objectives and have students develop the core abilities required by the Department, the Department has established graduation requirements and conditions for undergraduates and graduate students in the master’s program to enhance their competitiveness. The contents are as follows:

I. Graduation requirements for undergraduates

1. Graduation requirements provided by NCUT

NCUT established graduation requirements of English, Information and Service Learning in 2008, which are explained as follows:

Graduation requirements of English: A student must acquire a certificate (or relevant document) of passing the preliminary test of GEPT intermediate level (or any other level). In case a student does not pass the test, NCUT has relevant measures to assist the student in meeting the graduation requirements.

Graduation requirements of information ability: A student whose major is not information engineering must pass Information Competency C level test. The test containing academic subjects and skill subjects is conducted by Computer Center. Academic subjects contain the five subjects: Introduction to computers, document editing, electronic spreadsheet, presentation software, and introduction to Internet. Skill subjects are the three subjects, document editing, electronic spreadsheet, and presentation software, and students are tested in the actual operating system.

Graduation requirements of service learning: A student must complete service learning for 74 hours (consisting of 20 hours of labor and social service education and off-campus service and service learning education course for 54 hours) before graduation.

2. Graduation requirements provided by the Department

The graduation requirements provided by the Department are as follows:

Credit requirements: A student must acquire at least 129 credits (consisting of 86 credits for required courses and at least 43 credits for elective courses (including at least 39 credits for the elective courses required by the Department) before graduation.

Competition requirements: A student must participate in on-campus or off-campus cultural and creative competitions for at least 4 times before graduation. At least one of the competitions participated in shall be a national (or international) competition. On-campus competitions shall be held by NCUT. Participating in an international competition once shall be deemed as participating in on-campus and off-campus competitions for three times.

Requirements of off-campus internship and graduation show: A student must complete off-campus internship for 320 hours and complete the graduation show before graduation.

II.    Graduation requirements for students in the master’s program

The graduation requirements for graduate students in the program are as follows:

Credit requirements: A student must acquire at least 33 credits (consisting of 9 credits for required courses and at least 24 credits for elective courses) before graduation.

Thesis and performance requirements: A graduate student shall, before his/her thesis oral examination for the degree, have his /her thesis published in the name of the first author in any domestic journal that has the review mechanism, or win any of the first three places in a national competition once, or publish one thesis at a conference, or conduct an on-campus or off-campus performance once.